Artist rendering of the author ten to fifteen years from now.

Artist rendering of the author ten to fifteen years from now.

Jason Porter writes fiction. He is a graduate of the Hunter College MFA program. His novel, Why Are You So Sad?, was shortlisted for the Paris Literary Prize and was published by Plume, in January, 2014. Now that he got that off his chest, Jason is waist deep in a second novel with themes that include: aging, fisticuffs, chewing gum manufacturing, ghost limbs, snowfall, corn stalks, and mythical creatures. Because he suffers from chronic boredom and restlessness, he is also working on a collection of 250 stories all 250 words in length. Since this might take a while to finish, he is releasing them in audio on a weekly basis. It is what is worst described as a "podcast." Jason is calling the weekly program Grownups Are Lucky. You might consider subscribing as swiftly as possible so you can seem cool when you recommend it to a colleague or neighbor, rather than being embarrassed when they beat you to it and tell you about how stylishly irreverent it is.


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