Some children are brats and their parents are brats too. Brat was also the name of a short lived automobile, but that is a fact entirely unrelated to this story.


Because we are stuck in a linear understanding of our experience, we insist, in the moment, that Betamax is the future of home video.


In the peak of mosquito season we are often susceptible to unorthodox, and frankly risky, means of itch reduction. Be careful out there, listeners!


What if our snack food diets merged with our erratic weather systems all while the corporatocracy finally admitted they didn’t give a damn about the twins’ medical bills?


Any story set at the DMV is going to involve an uncomfortable and frustrating waiting period. You might want to bring along something to read for this one, or a gripping podcast.


You know we know it’s bad, and we know more or less why it’s bad, but only because we can’t imagine how bad it really is, though we all know it’s really bad, but not in ways we can explain, because it’s too bad to untangle. But it's definitely bad.


Life is unfair because it doesn't smell as good as in the commercials. It’s also unfair because we throw mounds of food away while people go hungry. And yet again because our current president demands poor afflicted children be placed in cages. Have a happy Monday!


Every once in a while we land that job, and maybe finally our problems are solved, but then we are hamstrung again by those damned allergies.

(This story first appeared in issue 3.1 of The Maine Review. )


Will the robots of the future successfully tickle the armpits of our dead ghosts? This episode is a real hoot. Your smart phones will love it.


We can't wait to get old, and then we do, and what was the hurry? Plus, now we have to pay taxes. (This episode was published in Electric Lit's Recommended Reading Commuter. Visit their site to read this story, and other great brief fiction.)


This week's work of fiction imagines the intimate life of one of this nation's foremost proponents of Orwellian euphemisms. Originally written in 2004, it has it all: bionics, cuddling, soap bubbles, and unfettered rage. (It should be noted that this episode includes adult themes and may induce nausea.)


This week’s stirring narration is provided by The Toothless Prospector, a great friend of the podcast. You won't want to miss this one.


I think we can all agree it's getting cramped in here, and mother's handbag digging into our shoulder is not helping.


In this episode, a younger version of yourself may only be hoping for a Nutella sandwich, but that doesn't mean you won't be going to prison.