It's here. What you've always wanted. A weekly subscription to bite sized stories, all exactly the same length, read to you by the author. While Jason is still working hard on an ongoing project -- a collection of 250 stories all 250 words in length -- he has decided you shouldn't have to wait to hear them. Every week he'll read a new strange tale. You'll cry, laugh, rejoice, or if none of those, you'll still have plenty of time left in the day to do other important things, like raise children, watch a tsunami of critically acclaimed television, earn a living, heal an injury, pay your taxes, call your legislator, sweep up the sidewalk, wash the car, eat a second breakfast, sew your own clothing, kiss your reflection in the mirror, call your mother, trim your fingernails, question your religious faith, refill a prescription, call that company about that bill you don't understand, order pizza, read a real book made out of real paper with your real hands and your real eyes, write a letter to someone you miss, floss your teeth, write your own goddamn story because you also have a lot of great ideas, patent that salad dressing before cousin Sal beats you to it, meditate, consider the pain of animals, talk to a cloud, learn to love your self, or sleep.