A lakeside luncheon with unexpected guests, or a frolic in a mountain lake with a peeping observer who smells like tuna salad and human sweat.


If only ants could laugh, then they would be having the last laugh, but they’re too busy to laugh, especially since they can’t.


Some guys are just those guys who aren’t going to get it, and then they probably won’t get it all over again, until they finally marry their mother.


In the future there will be no past. It will be merged with the present, and our historical tour guides will have gorgeous voices and also sell and administer our toiletries.


In this episode we learn the Spanish word for car. We also witness an intensely muted heart beating openly and alone.


When you are lost in the jungle your preference would be to not be lost, but short of that you’d settle for a jungle pharmacy to pick up a salve for that itching in your nether region.