The Author Drew Original Portraits for Eager Early Purchasers

In the huge build up to publication, Jason offered a special promotion to any fan who made an advance purchase of Why Are You So Sad? through an independent bookseller: He drew an original portrait of the reader. The promotion was such a success that Jason is still working through a back log of requests. You can see the portraits in the slideshow below which will continue to update as he follows through on this project. And if you feel that you qualified please let us know via our contact form. We'll need some evidence of purchase and a photo, preferably in the style of a school picture or passport photo. It may take a while for him to get to it, but in time you too might receive this unique keepsake. And if you missed the boat, you can always try to track the author down at one of his many events. Depending on his fragile temperament he might be willing to draw something in your personal copy of the novel.