Life is a long slog leading up to the enviable retirement where we hold our partners hand while listening to the soft sounds of landscaped idyll .


Traffic is a condition. Cars are not people. Roads are not for people. People run out of gas. People are not cars. Roads are not metaphors for life. Life is always eventually over.


If this podcast doesn’t cut your dinner preparation time in half we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.


Kyle has gone and learned stuff in places we prefer he not reside unless it is to buy us some tax free paper towels and batteries.


We don’t need our brains anymore, except for to buy things. We also don’t need our bodies. I’ve already forgotten what I knew this morning. Some new information happened. Lots of details were explained. I think I saw a graph. Who are my shorts? Is that my body? Why?


This story is an allegory. Is this story an allegory? Are we living in a story? Who are we? Why am I on fire?


There is so much to unlearn about what we want and why and when and who. (This story is in the 2019 Spring/Summer issue of Epiphany Magazine. Go order a copy if you long to see what the words look like on a page.)


Sometimes you find yourself in situations where you feel extremely unqualified to carry out a task, like singing someone’s final song. You at least wish you had ironed your shirt, but you didn’t. (This story is in the 2019 Spring/Summer issue of Epiphany Magazine. Go order a copy.)


It is a nice thing when friends find each other out in the choppy seas of loneliness, having so much in common, while having so little in common. Also, monkeys!


Every filthy boring neglected rest area has a rich history which is largely unknown to its daily urinaters.